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Online Style Guides

BBC News


London Economist

The Telegraph

New Zealand English Grammar, Fact Or Fiction?: A Corpus-based … (gbooks, searchable)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation “tries to pull many different writing styles together and provide rulings on spelling, punctuation and usage–niceties once hidden behind spoken delivery but now exposed in print.”

The Slot  (blog is also searchable) (AmE)

Tameri Guide for Writers stylebook – based on AP stylebook and others

Garbl’s Editorial Style Manual – AmE (Gary B. Larson) based on AP

National Geographic Style Manual

The Canadian Style – Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2012


ArbCom index

Links to my arb reports
[See also: Arbcom 2013] Note: since I wrote this post in November 2013, my election guide was deleted. I don’t know why.  The deletion log says I requested it to be deleted; I did not. The deleting admin did email me the file, however, and I have reposted it here.

See also my piece in News and Notes, Media Viewer controversy spreads to German Wikipedia, and my in-depth arbitration report Infoboxes: After the war.

Examining the Committee’s year January 1, 2014

Ottoman Empire–Turkey naming dispute case opens; New discretionary sanctions draft proposal available for review December 4, 2013

Arbitration Committee election opens; WMF opens the door for non-admin arbitrators November 20, 2013

Ebionites 3 case closed November 6, 2013

Manning naming dispute case closes 16 October 2013

Manning naming dispute and Ebionites 3 cases continue; third arbitrator resigns  09 October 2013

Infoboxes: After the war 02 October 2013

Workshop phase opens in Manning naming dispute ; Infoboxes case closes  11 September 2013

Manning naming dispute case opens; Tea Party case closes ; Infoboxes nears completion 04 September 2013

Proposed decision posted in Infoboxes case; Tea Party movement case continues 21 August 2013

Kiefer.Wolfowitz and Ironholds case closes; invitation to comment on applicants for checkuser and oversight ends 16 August 14 August 2013

Kiefer.Wolfowitz and Ironholds case closes; invitation to comment on applicants for checkuser and oversight ends 16 August 14 August 2013

Fourteen editors proposed for ban in Tea party movement case 07 August 2013

Race and politics case closes 31 July 2013

Infoboxes case opens 24 July 2013

Kiefer.Wolfowitz and Ironholds case opens; July 22 deadline for checkuser and oversight applications 17 July 2013

Argentine History closed; two cases remain suspended  26 June 2013

The Farmbrough amendment request—automation and arbitration enforcement 19 June 2013

Two cases suspended; proposed decision posted in Argentine History 12 June 2013

Race and politics opened; three open cases 13 May 2013

Sexology closed; two open cases 29 April 2013

Sexology case nears closure after stalling over topic ban 22 April 2013

Subject experts needed for Argentine History  08 April 2013

Three open cases 01 April 2013

Two open cases 25 March 2013

Another arbitrator resigns; Richard case closes 18 March 2013

Doncram case closes; arbitrator resigns 11 March 2013