Arbitration Committee Elections 2013: Neotarf’s picks

Salvador Dali zodiac-libraArbCom Elections 2013 — Neotarf’s slate

What makes a great arb?

Hi, all. Here is my ArbCom slate.

For those who don’t know me, I am Neotarf. I have worked on Requested Moves, as well as starting and contributing to various articles, mostly on human rights topics. Currently I am a regular feature writer for the Signpost, where I write the Arbitration Report.

First things first: extra attention for women and non-admins. There is one of the former (Guerilla Warfare) and two of the latter (Kraxler and TheDevil’s Advocate) worth considering. (See systemic bias for the reason this is important.)


So, what characteristics does an arb need?

  • First, an internal compass. This includes judgment, empathy, principles, ethics.
  • Second, the ability to get things done, which includes diplomacy, communication, written skills, responsiveness, pragmatism. These “external clue” type of qualities may conflict with the first group of “internal clue” qualities, which can make things interesting.
  • Third, a high hat-to-cattle ratio, which includes experience and demonstrated competence. Hot air and vague, high-sounding phrases are not enough; ideas need to be concrete and based on an understanding of the project and the committee.

The candidates


28bytes –good analytical skills and common sense.

AGK — an authoritarian with a propensity to muddy the waters, who is redeemed by responsiveness to community concerns and the capacity for hard work.

Beeblebrox — diplomacy and experience? Good judgment, not punitive, but understands the need to limit disruptive users, and knows how to do it and make it stick.

Floquenbeam – long-time moderate admin.

GorillaWarfare – long-time sensible admin.

Kraxler — NON-ADMIN, a much-needed representation on this committee; familiar with dispute resolution techniques.

NativeForeigner – good verbal skill, common sense, experience.

Roger Davies — current and experienced sitting arb, but concerns about widening the admin/non-admin rift.

The Devil’s Advocate — ability to present  complex issues coherently;  NOT AN ADMIN. We need this representation on the ArbCom. I no longer support this candidate in 2014.  —N


Arthur Rubin — topic banned in Teaparty case.

Bwilkins — currently using his alternate account non-admin account, (User:EatsShootsAndLeaves) after official ArbCom inquiry into multiple civility issues, and concern with possible burn-out; angry with divorce lawyers (ANI comment) (striking per request, apparently this was a joke).

David GerardRedDragDiva, “trolldad–We do it deliberately”, and on his blog, “Arrogant Pontification”: “It’s incumbent upon every one of us to FUCK SHIT THE FUCK UP. In an orderly, creative and productive manner. So, what’s a good project?”’’ (Gerard doesn’t say which project.) Bonus blog comments by Oliver Keyes (Ironholds).

Gamaliel – per candidate statement. Responses are wordy without saying much, may be a hardliner.

Georgewilliamherbert — per candidate statement.

Guerillero — availability issues: has resigned from ArbCom clerking due to school schedule and does not answer AUSC queries, Arbcom would probably be even more demanding.

Isarra — pie is good. One of two women candidates, and one of three non-admins, but apparently not a serious candidate.

Ks0stm — probably ready, but hard to tell without more experience. Previous arbcom attempt. If there was one more open seat, this candidate would be my choice for it.

Kww — responsiveness concerns, in spite of his well-considered actions with the Visual Editor. Arbcom would be too stressful for this type of candidate, he would be better off working with something that responds to logic.

LFaraone – per candidate statement. Not that startling insights are particularly expected in this venue, but answers are very generic. Seems competent, but needs leadership experience.

RegentsPark — weird “evolutionary system” theory of WP.

Richwales – per candidate statement.

Seraphimblade — nice person, but there are concerns about effectiveness with disruptive users and attention to important detail – the wording of the closure of this topic ban left many problems unresolved. This admin was then inexplicably unavailable to resolve the subsequent problems and unable to effectively clarify the wording.


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