Holy-grail-round-table-bnf-ms_fr-116F-f610v-15th-detailAccording to Wictionary, a Stammtisch is  “a table in a beer parlour reserved for a group of regulars taking part in social discussion and beer drinking or a group of people gathering at such a table.”

According to IdeaLab/WikiProject Women talk page, it is “a group of regulars”.

Castile doctrine

And from that page we also find out that on the German Wikipedia, “de-Wikipedia policies have a kind of castle doctrine that allows you to open a project site in your user namespace and disallow disruptive participants while all other project rules (like: no personal attacks, anonymity etc.) are still in place. This is a transparent way how to create a “protected” room for all kinds of movements inside the Wikimedia movement and for those persons who feel the need for a protected room to empower them.”

So what do these German pages look like?
Portal pages:
Portal Women (organizing articles around women and possible female topics):


Wiki Project Women (maintenance lists of missing and new articles about women, articles menaced by deletion requests, etc.)

A Portal Discrimination including Wiki Project Discrimination

and Wiki Project “Wikipedia free of discrimination”Stammtisch5

Examples of “castle” user pages
Women’s Teahouse about gender issues (now adopted by a male collegue; he calls that “a little mistake”)

The project Womenedit

Women’s history (about successes in Wikipedia gender issues and successful, as well as some inactive, female de-Wikipedians).

User subpages like Diderot Club (strongly critizing internal happenings and the Wikipedia/Wikimedia “establishment”)

Even one whole user account, de:Benutzer:Grillenwaage, with its talk page as think-tank about de-Wikipedia policies; moderated by few self-elected “owners”.


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