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The Jimmy Wales Foundation and Free Bassel

[Note: for a bibliography of sources on the Jimmy Wales Foundation, see Jimmy Wales Foundation update.]

My main reason for writing this post is to be able to reference these two topics.

Jimmmy Wales FoundationThe Jimmy Wales Foundation is something I would like to be able to follow from time to time, but it does not have a Wikipedia article, and I despair of finding the right sequence of search terms to make it come up in a google search. {UPDATE: JWF now has an extremely short but well-sourced article on Wikipedia, and a longer article on Simple Wikipedia written by me.  Their social media now shows up on the first page of a google search.  As  expected, once there were some human-curated links for the organization, the algorithms were able to surface more.  The foundation no longer seems to be active since Wales and Kopel became involved in the startup of the for-profit WikiTribune in 2017.]   I rather doubt that Technorati, or whoever is doing the rankings these days, would consider this to be a high profile blog, but it is indexed, and does have a small amount of traffic directed to it by search engines.  Who knows, a link here might help the search bots develop some clue.

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