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Lists of “Notable Deaths of 2015”

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[Note: for the difference between an obituary “article” and a paid “death notice” or memorial classified ad, see NYTTalk to the Newsroom: Obituaries Editor Bill McDonald“, or the Wikipedia “Obituary” article.]

NYT paid obituary from classified section

NYT paid death notice

NYT obituary article

NYT obituary article

List of “Notable deaths of 2015” articles from international publications:

Los Angeles Times, “Notable deaths of 2015

The Washington Post, “Notable deaths of 2015 and 2016

The Wall Street Journal, “2015 Year in Review: Notable Deaths

The Telegraph, “Culture stars who died in 2015

BBC, “Notable UK deaths of 2015

New York Times,Notable Deaths of 2015

List of “Notable Deaths of 2015” from NYT:

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Jimmy Wales Foundation redux

Jimmy Wales announced the Jimmy Wales Foundation at Wikimania 2015

Jimmy Wales announced his new Jimmy Wales Foundation for freedom of expression at Wikimania 2015. [image source]

The Jimmy Wales Foundation is a nonprofit organization started by Jimmy Wales to promote internet freedom.

According to the new foundation’s website, the Jimmy Wales Foundation “supports and encourages activists worldwide to fight for the inherent fundamental freedom of every person to be able to hold opinions and freely express their thoughts, beliefs and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers, without any interference and fear.”

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Jimmy Wales Foundation update

Jimmy Wales Foundation Google search 12-31-2015The Jimmy Wales Foundation is a non-profit started by Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, in order to promote human rights in the field of freedom of expression, particularly online speech.  Many times writers and journalists have big established organizations standing behind them when they run afoul of local censorship.  But when bloggers and individual social media users are kidnapped or imprisoned, who can speak up for them?  It is these more vulnerable users who do not have that supportive backing that the JWF focuses on, finding and promoting individual victims who are having their voices taken away from them.

A little over a week ago, I wrote a humble blog post referencing the Jimmy Wales Foundation, with the goal of boosting the Google search for this topic into a position where I could find the website by googling it. A few days later, I checked back, and the foundation’s official website was already on the second page of my Google search.

I am pleased to report that as of today, the official web page for the Jimmy Wales Foundation,, is now displayed in the first page of a google search (in tenth position), along with the Twitter page @JWalesF at  The LinkedIn page for “Jimmy Wales Foundation” has always done pretty well in a search, and is at

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