Jimmy Wales Foundation redux

Jimmy Wales announced the Jimmy Wales Foundation at Wikimania 2015

Jimmy Wales announced his new Jimmy Wales Foundation for freedom of expression at Wikimania 2015. [image source]

The Jimmy Wales Foundation is a nonprofit organization started by Jimmy Wales to promote internet freedom.

According to the new foundation’s website, the Jimmy Wales Foundation “supports and encourages activists worldwide to fight for the inherent fundamental freedom of every person to be able to hold opinions and freely express their thoughts, beliefs and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers, without any interference and fear.”

The organization was established with prize money from the “Knowledge Award”, which was presented to Jimmy and Tim Berners-Lee at the first Knowledge Conference in Dubai.

Jimmy Wales announces the Jimmy Wales Foundation at Wikimania 2015

The Jimmy Wales Foundation is announced. [image source]

Now I could have wished that Jimmy had used the money to promote better relations between the Arabic Wikipedia and the West, maybe even using his founder super-powers to bring in some Arab Wikipedians to some of the conferences.  Arabs are tremendously quick learners, adaptable, and can easily grasp and debate Western principles.

But that’s not what happened, so the cross-cultural exchange won’t be happening this time around.

But it’s a good cause, and anyhow, Jimmy seems engaged with it.  This week, the foundation’s Twitter feed, where most of the action occurs, shows Jimbo busy demonstrating at the Saudi Embassy.

jimmy wales foundation screenshotTwo weeks ago I wrote about the Jimmy Wales Foundation, with the hope of creating enough google juice to propel the organization into a position where I could find it with a search engine. A picture is worth a thousand words. Today I am proud to announce that the official website, http://jimmywalesfoundation.org/ is now in number two position in a Google search.

jimmy wales foundation screenshot page 2 with circles and arrowsI’m not going to claim “mission accomplished” just quite yet though.  The pixel is a fragile thing, and the internet is always changing.  Six months from now, the search results could very well be back to what they were before.  Sort of like midterm exams, you need a refresher. But I think that’s pretty good for a backstreet blog that is mainly used for hosting transcripts.  As a footnote, I seem to have inadvertently become a bit of an expert on this topic, as my previous blog post has now reached 16th place and is now on the second page of a google search, after the NYT, but before HuffPo.

But what’s this?  Category: Jimmy Wales Foundation is still a red link.


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