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Secularist e-books in Bengali

Most of these were originally published in Dhaka as books, and sold at book fairs by the authors, many of whom were associated with the Mukto-Muna secularist bloggers’ website. Since the writers have all pretty much been either hacked to death or driven into exile, these should all  be eligible for Banned Books Week, if Bangladesh ever gets around to having one.

Selected writings (Bengali language):

Philosophy of Disbelief - Avijit Roy and Abir RaihanAvijit Roy and Abir Raihan, Philosophy of Disbelief, (অবিশ্বাসের দর্শন) (2011, 2015), published by Faisal Arefin Dipan and edited by Ananta Bijoy Das, both hacked to death by Islamic extremists; Avijit Roy was also hacked to death. Download (ডাউনলোড) ebook (  ইবুক ) PDF (পিডিএফ):

The Virus of Faith - Avijit RoyAvijit Roy, The Virus of Faith, (বিশ্বাসের ভাইরাস)  (2014, 2015) Download (ডাউনলোড) PDF (পিডিএফ):

Darwin Day anthology, (ডারউইন দিবস সংকলন) (2009)

Darwin relevance to the twenty-first century and thought - by Ananta Bijoy DasDarwin: the relevance of the twenty-first century and thought, (ডারউইন: একুশ শতকে প্রাসঙ্গিকতা এবং ভাবনা) ed. Ananta Bijoy Das (2011)

Jukti magazine - ed Ananta Bijoy RasJukti (Yukti) magazine (যুক্তি): Essays on freethought, skepticism and rationalism. (অনন্ত বিজয় দাশ সম্পাদিত অত্যন্ত সাহসী একটি ম্যাগাজিন।) ed. Ananta Bijoy Dash [Archived]

Am I a monkey - tr Ananta Bijoy Ras and Siddhartha DharAyala, f. J., Am I a monkey? Six big questions about evolution,(আমি কি একটা বাঁদর?) (2010), tr. Ananta Das and Siddharth Vijay Dhar (2011) Download  (ডাউনলোড) PDF (পিডিএফ)

Nari book coverHumaya Azad, Nari (নারী) Nāree “Woman”(1992) Download  (ডাউনলোড) PDF (পিডিএফ) Nari – Woman -[Full Book] By Humayun Azad 1992

These are only essays that have been covered in the media. There are more secularist essays in Bengali (বাংলা ভাষা) at the secularist blog Mukto-Mona (মুক্তমনা). For the convenience of anyone trying to navigate the Bengali page, a google translation of this page follows.  Note, the links may be a bit funky, since they came through Google Translate; to download an essay you will have to go to the original (Bengali language) site:

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