Secularist e-books in Bengali

Most of these were originally published in Dhaka as books, and sold at book fairs by the authors, many of whom were associated with the Mukto-Muna secularist bloggers’ website. Since the writers have all pretty much been either hacked to death or driven into exile, these should all  be eligible for Banned Books Week, if Bangladesh ever gets around to having one.

Selected writings (Bengali language):

Philosophy of Disbelief - Avijit Roy and Abir RaihanAvijit Roy and Abir Raihan, Philosophy of Disbelief, (অবিশ্বাসের দর্শন) (2011, 2015), published by Faisal Arefin Dipan and edited by Ananta Bijoy Das, both hacked to death by Islamic extremists; Avijit Roy was also hacked to death. Download (ডাউনলোড) ebook (  ইবুক ) PDF (পিডিএফ):

The Virus of Faith - Avijit RoyAvijit Roy, The Virus of Faith, (বিশ্বাসের ভাইরাস)  (2014, 2015) Download (ডাউনলোড) PDF (পিডিএফ):

Darwin Day anthology, (ডারউইন দিবস সংকলন) (2009)

Darwin relevance to the twenty-first century and thought - by Ananta Bijoy DasDarwin: the relevance of the twenty-first century and thought, (ডারউইন: একুশ শতকে প্রাসঙ্গিকতা এবং ভাবনা) ed. Ananta Bijoy Das (2011)

Jukti magazine - ed Ananta Bijoy RasJukti (Yukti) magazine (যুক্তি): Essays on freethought, skepticism and rationalism. (অনন্ত বিজয় দাশ সম্পাদিত অত্যন্ত সাহসী একটি ম্যাগাজিন।) ed. Ananta Bijoy Dash [Archived]

Am I a monkey - tr Ananta Bijoy Ras and Siddhartha DharAyala, f. J., Am I a monkey? Six big questions about evolution,(আমি কি একটা বাঁদর?) (2010), tr. Ananta Das and Siddharth Vijay Dhar (2011) Download  (ডাউনলোড) PDF (পিডিএফ)

Nari book coverHumaya Azad, Nari (নারী) Nāree “Woman”(1992) Download  (ডাউনলোড) PDF (পিডিএফ) Nari – Woman -[Full Book] By Humayun Azad 1992

These are only essays that have been covered in the media. There are more secularist essays in Bengali (বাংলা ভাষা) at the secularist blog Mukto-Mona (মুক্তমনা). For the convenience of anyone trying to navigate the Bengali page, a google translation of this page follows.  Note, the links may be a bit funky, since they came through Google Translate; to download an essay you will have to go to the original (Bengali language) site:

Frank e-book library

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Open-Minded writers published books on various topics, e-book library

Unbelief philosophy (011, suddhasbara, 015, wakefulness): 011 suddhasbarera most pathakapriya and it sold books. Avijit Roy and Abir Raihan janabodhya-written, well-written ‘philosophy of unbelief “Godly book from speaking to the skeptics, agnostic, humanist and above all scientific nirisbarabadi or Compulsory each reader. It’s the latest theories of modern science data based on bigotry and prejudice the release of a book written by the future জাত-প্রথা-ধর্ম-বর্ণ-শ্রেণীবৈষম্যমুক্ত Subhabuddhisampanna ganajoyarake would inspire people to dream of speaking society. The third edition of the book published by the fundamentalists killed Arefin Faisal illumination ‘wakefulness’ publication. The book was edited killed by fundamentalist ‘reasoning’ editor, freedom writers Das eternal victory.

Page disbelief generous philosophy .
Facebook page disbelief philosophy .
Goodreads page views disbelief .
The book can be downloaded for free from here .

Faith virus (wakefulness, 014, 015): 014 published in wakefulness, Avijit Roy viruses written in the book of faith, belief, beliefs about the impact of society. The influence of faith in society, was always there. Otherwise the matter quiet, beautiful, innocent and foliage gobecara generally taken to be the time when you get the chance to find out how nakhadantahina reveals his bloodthirsty appearance, the author of the book has proved, publisher. The influence of faith, born of the Virgin and Child from the ancient times people have been killed and appease the gods who have never buried alive, in the name of sati burned hundreds of thousands of women, atheists, infidels or apostates killed, hacked with a machete, the Crusades, the religious wars, witch found innocent women burned, blood is sometimes called the Holy jihad game underway throughout the world. I have no hesitation to say, for the benefit of our faith is more than the apakarai.

But the question is, what faith do not need at all? Science, society, civilization, ethics, believe that all this is simply not obsolete? What we can develop technologies without relying on faith? The future will be able to understand the nature of the motion? True or false, good and evil can not verify? The curious reader will find the answers in this book.

Goodreads page beliefs virus .
The book can be downloaded for free from here .

The Prophet Muhammad 3 years (sunny, 015): 015 published in the sunshine, Ali dasti written by Prophet Muhammad 3 years, and the book has been written by Abul Kasem beach Chowdhury. Islam is a religion of most important and influential in the history of the world. A unique figure in the history of the Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam. One of the preachers of other religions to the Prophet Muhammad was a successful dharmapracarakai only difference being that he is, at the same time he was a visionary politician and skilled administrator. Twenty-three years of intense labor by ignoring the obstacles, but through struggle and sacrifice in the world bistarai no way the cause of Islam, at the same time a state has gorapattana, under the banner of Arab nationalism has gathered many tribes of Bedouin Arabs. He has been able to reach the goals set during. Terasa and a half years have gone by since his death. Not only Arab bedouin today, many countries around the world, many people gathered under the banner of the millions of non-Muslims. As a result, this region saw the Prophet Muhammad unparalleled. He is undoubtedly a success.
History of Islam, Prophet Muhammad’s biography with a large number of books are published every year in different languages around the world. Most of these books are bound stutibhittika-miracle dhumrajale again denounced some of the criticisms are based on Inflation does not worry. But the history of Islam nirmoha analysis of very few books have been published. It is important to recognize that Islam is still under discussion, millions of people still practice of Prophet Muhammad’s biography. To many, the only ideas and knowledge.

Like all other religions as well as secular foundations of Islam from the distant past have left many people drowned miracle-gayebi reform. Logical-analytical discussion about religion in our otherwise rare in this society. The prophet of Islam has been discussed from the perspective of multi-idealistic Writer bahujanera. But the rise of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad-develop ‘impossible’ to learn and try to understand Islam in the light of the materialist approach is rare. He’s a progressive intellectual Ali dasti written by the Prophet Muhammad’s 3 years in the book is an important historical document.

According to Ali dastira, a divine miracle is directed. To render to the people of smog is not only weak supernatural. Nor is any such illusion. A miracle is meaningful. A man of his skills, strategy, intelligence and hard work to combine the apparent ‘impossible’ was able to, the work can be considered a miracle. In this sense, has been made impossible Prophet Muhammad. A man and a remarkable ability to look around alone tactics against his own people, their own lives to fight the rampant established religion. The former has abolished many faiths. A stupendous history of the Prophet Muhammad in any sense ‘is not short of the glory of alaukikatara. Dasti Ali in his book Islam and the Prophet Muhammad’s life lies the mysterious and rhetorical speech Dhali has moved to intensive materialist history. The book has become a classic in the history books for which these.
This twenty-first century, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Almighty, states in the Muslim-dominated countries unsolicited intervention on the one hand, on the other hand, the autocratic oppression and suppression sasakagosthira use religion as a shield fed up with people again, al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, the Taliban, and the brutal activities of jihadist groups in the world “Islam” is an important question. This situation is making a mockery of Islam or shorter, Prophet Muhammad is not condemned or ignored, all in violation of the rules of the spiritual and the natural world without removing gayebi outlook ‘human’ Muhammad’s great achievement in the history of Islam and ethnic punarpatha very important. The theme reflects the plump Ali dastira powerful pen.

Karuna click to download the book in the form of e-books in PDF , ipaba .

Passengers going dark to light (005, 006 extended version): Common science and is considered one of the classic books as a pathakanandita. Shoot published in this book covers a series of periodic origin of the universe. Today, nearly one million years ago, a huge explosion coddasa our way through what was the origin of the universe, then how easy it would be reached today’s state of the exciting story in the book is the unique signature. Not only that, this book came up with the theory of the origin of the universe, modern scientists on the latest ideas and ideas, which is rare in Bangla. A significant part of the book can be read in the form of an e-book
From : pdf:), has been included in the original book, the information is very broad.

The book has been reviewed in several newspapers Prof Shahidul Islam , a professor hiranmaya Sengupta , said . Shabbir Ahmed , including many. For more information about the book: Founding light of the archives .

Life and the universe in search of wisdom (007, 008, second edition): This book is written in a lucid scientific book about the origin of life. Once the earth is heated in the past six and a half or four million souls How to cool the discharge occurs, create an environment in which the story can be found in the book series. Not only that, beyond this world or any other grahanupunje on the possibility of the development of life, or whether it happened or what the reader will get an idea about this book, published by Leisure Publishing. Muktamanaya e-book in the form of a significant part of the book can be read here .

The book has been reviewed several times more . Revolution Pal : pdf: With many.

Along the way evolution (007, 008 second edition): Darwin’s theory of evolution is perhaps the most widely read and discussed on the Common at this moment in the book. Naturalists professor Dwijen Sharma, one of the most important book fair in 007 Bengali books called the Academy. All publications published by the highly interactive nature of this book, the theory of biological evolution is not just upasthapitai, as well as ancient religious fairy who recently broke sari ‘Intelligent Design’ apabisbasera behind the shelter, looking for this book for a strong challenge in this book. Muktamanaya a significant part of the book in the form of an e-book can be read here .

The book has been reviewed in several newspapers Dwijen Sharma , Bipasha Chakraborty , including many.

Homosexuality is a scientific and socio-psychological investigation (0 10): Modern biology and psychology on the basis of the latest information on this issue is a sensitive analysis of the emergence and existence of The book has been. As well as the scientific discussion came up socio-economic, socio-cultural, historical, and psychological aspects of a variety. Several chapters of the book can be read here .

Reporter’s diary: mountain road (00 9): People living in the mountains, with pain written a book on the basis of visual experience. Long mountain of information to a journalist Shanti-fighting forces, Santu Larma hide-out, Tripura refugee camps, are facing dramatic author of the kidnapping of Kalpana Chakma; Reflected in the book. The book is in the form of e-books can be read here .

Einstein’s period (006): The renowned scientist Albert Einstein’s life, work and philosophy was never short of interest to readers. To meet the expectations of the readers of this book, Einstein attempted to malatabandi length of time has been eventful. Mira publication published by the scientist Albert Einstein’s life from this book, readers will find a variety of events that had taken place. The book is in the form of e-books can be read here .

Unique Reflections (008): There are memorable quotes Francis Bacon Tasting kichu books, some books, and some books are absolutely eat for galadhahkaranera to kill “- when it becomes clear as the light of day for our country’s freedom renowned progressive intellectuals, writers, poets, scientists , philosophers readers to pour out their thoughts to the world. 008, published in the book fair, independent thinking, “This book is a historical collection of large-authors of the article.
The publication of the book can be found around here .

Science and Religion: Conflict or a combination? (008): Whit can be any combination of religion and science, there is always one or the ongoing conflict between them? The older a lot of questions. Over the past few years, several attempts to coordinate science and religion, and a variety of techniques has been a lot of media, including newspapers. Not only co-ordination of efforts – in the name of science, pseudoscience have been spread strategy, the ancient verses of Scripture verses, and has been trying to integrate with the new abiskarake the big bang theory of modern science, DNA, relativity, black holes, or kala etc. propagation. But what is really behind such ancient dharmagranthagulote is a sign of modern science? To find out, you must read the Founding discussed the e-group . Very soon in book form group to go for Bangladesh.

Darwin Day set (009): Darwin Day, published on the occasion of the recent activities of the e-group Founding a significant expansion of scientific evidence. Greatly delighted readers and readers can learn from darsakapriya This group of scientist Charles Darwin’s overall contribution to the scientific theory of evolution and its impact on society. Bisbadrstibhangi the evolution of Bengali readers to reach a large credit may be claimed today, Darwin Day, which organized the successful expression. You can read all of the compilation here .
A group of prominent writers have written several articles and has published a compilation of the 011 ” Darwin: the relevance of the twenty-first century and the invention the (edit: Das eternal victory, revealed: Retirement publishing company)   Title.

Evolutionary Psychology (009): Darwin’s theory has influenced just jibabijnanakei, the philosophy and the society around us. Darwin’s theory to explain the intended use of the stable social pattern has developed a new branch of psychology, evolutionary psychology. Why are men generally more aggressive than women? Why payasaoyala takamatha beautiful wife can be seen in the house? Despite the temptation of fatty foods are harmful to our body can not contained? Many of us are scared silly cockroach or makarasake Why? These questions bhabiyeche you ever? Then this book is for you. Ibukatite various aspects of evolutionary psychology of this objective has been discussed. For the first time this kind of e-book in Bangla. The e-book can be read here .
Suddhasbara a book on the evolution of the psychology book fair will be published on 01.

That did not tell the truth (009) muktamanaya is important to keep this book covers the origin and development of the religion of Islam bisesatah a lucid story. Social and political history of religion, beginning with the birth of Islam, the Koran summation, the Prophet lived, married and began to preach Islam, the caliphate of a series of four images in this book has been decorated. This book is written from the point of view from skeptical readers will be able to verify whether it is truly pauttalikatamukta Islam, Islam really Peace dharmakina, Muhammad (pbuh) was unlettered if indeed, the Qur’an is truly a Book Caliphs, or whether it was democratically elected – at and many kinds of controversial issues discussed. muktamanaya most read e-book can be read at this moment here . This book market very soon be free.

Islam and Sharia (009) devoted to the study of Islam and Sharia devastating document has been written, “Islam and Sharia ‘book. Scriptures from the books, documents, sources of evidence have shown that extreme anti-Islamic group Jamaat itself. The e-book can be read here .

Argument (Daunaloda 1st number | Number II | 3rd Number of | Number of 4 th ) performed extremely brave a magazine Das eternal victory. This initiative has been taken by the newspaper, thousands of people sitting on the gethe faith, superstition, apabisbasake argument benchmarking analyzes progress towards the development of society. The first two episodes of the argument in the form of e-books can be read here ( in the first phase | The second phase ).

Time magazine has reviewed various aspects . The lamp will give you many, including.

Pearl nbesa Dhaka’s Segunbagicha থেকে নিয়মিতভাবে প্রকাশিত দ্বিবার্ষিক পত্রিকাটির The aim of society, rationalism, scientific and established manabakalyanabodha. Over time, the practice of free decaying accelerate its widespread publicity, many people think that will be expanded and restored. Many readers and critics say it is an exceptionally witty production of our new generation, which give the right direction and will be helpful in their humanity and scientific growth. Muktanbesara four numbers have been published so far. They can be read here ( 1st Part | Part II | 3rd round | Episode 4 | 5th episode ).

We argued that the plaintiff Association of Indian science and rational mouthpiece regularly published from Kolkata. The numbers can be read from the newspaper archives hold muktamanaya reasonable here .

Babasaheb untouchable and Brahmanism and a number of the world’s scriptures, there is in one of the most brutal, immoral, inhuman deceit and fraud in the name of the book is filled with Hindus ‘Manusmriti’ or ‘Manu Samhita’. If you doubt you will read this Ranodipom Bose e-book .

: Line:

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    Keshav Adhikari

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    • Abhijit
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      @ Earth

      Professor Moniruzzaman “evolution” would like to know a little more detail about the book. No publication came out, many in the on-line if there is no archive, etc. If the book is good, and the author’s permission, of course, can be muktamanaya. We expect your cooperation in this regard.

      • The owner of the sky on October 8, 009 at 10:08 pm – Reply – Link

        @ Abhijit,
        The book was to me until yesterday. Last night, they came and took him away to be a religionist. If not already come forward to come back next week, the book is not. Keep it well, the book (ghost press Asr) There are lots of spelling mistakes. Infinite are likely to book.

      • Earth on October 9, at 10:38 am 009 – Reply – Link

        @ Abhijeet, I do not know. The “evolution along the way,” a reference book I saw this book.

        • Abhijit
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          @ Earth

          Do not confuse with Professor M Akhatarujjamanera you? Akhatarujjamanera ‘evolution’ of the book know, I know that there is a reference book of the flooding. But I have not heard the name Moniruzzaman, reference books, and his feeling of evolution along the way ‘is on.

          But the sky is truly the owner’s remarks became kanaphiujada.

    • Das eternal victory
      Das eternal victory on November 17, 1237 at 009 pm – Reply – Link

      @ Earth

      Professor Moniruzzaman “evolution” is the name of the book. May. Finally, the ‘evolution’ of the book from Bengali Academy prakasita. The Bengali Academy’s Edition is available in the market. Several days ago, Hasan has prakasita new book from the Book House. Dhaka New Market, can be found nilakhete.

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    Founding a business is therefore the purpose of the entire contents of books stored in the form of e-books have jarurima Finally, sir, Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” book, sir demand permission to upload.

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      Yes, very well spoken. Since he began writing the show, so we can claim him.

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      @ Biplob Rahman,

      The book has been placed at the top of the list.

      Thank you.

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        Admin @ generous,

        Founding the e-book version of Where’s my?
        Pracchadata few days ago, I sent an e-mail.
        If you will be happy.

  7. Bose Ranodipom
    Ranodipom Basu March 6, 1227 at 010 pm – Reply – Link

    Important post. Very good. Together the books that were within reach of anyone.

    Well, Bengali Bangla Academy published Darwin’s “Origin of Species” book in any way can not be submitted in the form of an e-book archive Founding?

    • Bonna Ahmed
      Flood Ahmed Mar 6, 010 at 10:17 pm – Reply – Link

      @ Ranodipom Bose, published by the Bangla Academy Bengali writing you Akhatarujjamanera Dr. Darwin’s “The Origin of Species,” the book says? What book is no longer available on the market? Print has ended?

      As far as I know, the text of this book was taught at the University of Dhaka. Here are a matter of copyright, the author and the publisher does not allow any book that if I wanted a copy of the e-book can not be removed. Bengali Academy and Dr. Finally, it is possible to visit without permission.

      • Bose Ranodipom
        Ranodipom Basu March 8, 010 at 3:44 am – Reply – Link

        @Bonna Ahmed,
        Yes, I have spoken about it. 009 Book Fair in February last year bought the book from Bengali Academy. 000 First Edition. Perhaps the book is now on the market.

        What do the authors of the objection to the e-book? I do not know exactly.

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    Contemporary writing about IT or IT wearing too much eye muktamanaya us. Some RITES What can be done?

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    Thank you for organizing this
    A book written about you, what books have been published? Please if you can tell where it is printed.
    Postal order or r s
    Muhammad nurunnabi
    Of course, the law department
    the university of al-azhar
    Cairo – Egypt

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    One can see the writing on quite a lot before – Nazrul Islam, the Koran, written in Tafsir.
    Do you have any knowledge of any of his Tafsir of the Qur’an? I heard it can be found in Kolkata. None of these issues can help you transfer? It would have been better.
    Book a room ihauti valuable. He wrote on the Islam Tafsir of Sura An-Nas. Very nice.
    Thank you.

  11. Open-Minded admin on Aug 9, 010 at 10:40 am – Reply – Link

    Bose Ranodipom untouchable and Brahmanism and a Babasaheb text is attached as an e-book.

    • Mahfuz August 9, 1216 at 010 pm – Reply – Link

      Admin @ generous,
      Ranodipom Bose’s book is not able to download anything. I do not understand where the problem. 8 kilobata is going to end up.

      A Defence Science and Religion: Conflict or a combination? The book fair (011) to be published?

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    “Evolution along the way”
    A good book is impossible.
    All the good books.
    Muktamanake some e-books on evolution, if requested will be very good. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Some of the PDF can be found in the book of Bengali science @ httpbanglainternetcomsciencehtml

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    Most of the books were before muktamanaya pdf format. We would like to be able to save. I would like the benefits, now is the pdf format. A lot of difficulty. The request Abhisit pdf format can be like all the previous posts?

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    Many many thanks.
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    “Ali matubbara prayer works,” no book can be found in pdf format?

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    Gurucandali on e-books in Bengali with the emphasis being. Founding list of links in the e-bukagulora added. Nothing. (Y)

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    Founding would like to collect books.
    Sometimes call the bookstore near New Market are looking for baigulara.
    But do not get. Yehane anyone can address books can be found.

    • Free conscience
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      That is why the place is called “Aziz is also available in the market.” What you see out there. I still could not read them in my collection.

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  27. Najibullah Dec 9, 01 at 1:14 am – Reply – Link

    What is the possibility of existence of God?

    What is the great creator of the world that does not have to be there first before judging this question, there is no evidence to say it and mean it can not have visual evidence. If ever he came to us he did not say that I am standing in front of your Creator, and doubtless to say that, someday, it will not stand.

    Because then the people would have been meaningless in this particular creation, the tree-stone, like elephants and horses would be just another creation. Secondly, it is our belief that if janmanai however, he does not need to prove himself appeared eye. If he is all-powerful, the Creator of the world, if he wants to see all the people will believe in him at the moment. (Surah Al-Anaam: 35, Surah Yunus: 99, Surah Al-Nahl: 09). They will not need to stand in front of him. It is proof that the creator himself, if he wanted to see, or think we do not want to believe in the existence of the diteu. He wants to see the creation of a single intelligence, reasoning power, the realization of the people with the power of the forces that made the eye, not whether he realizes. He gave millions to sign. This argument has helped people to understand that, if you smoke there is fire. Now we will see whether there is evidence of the existence of the Creator wash.

    No final decision yet about the science of cosmology of the universe could not reach. Big bang (violent explosion), Steady State (status quo), and Oscillating (vibrant), it is obvious that whatever the disagreements, both within the limited possibility. Acambita is the universe itself (Accidental), otherwise it is planned (Planned). There is no third possibility.

    Now let’s look at the idea of acambitera. According to this theory space gas and dust (Dust) was filled with. The gas and dust where it came from, but they can not tell. Just before he was even its creator, but also how to create them, there is no answer. However, the creation of the universe began with the production of gas and dust. Gradually the flow of billions, over the years, a variety of tumor through the acambita reached this stage today. How do events today came about through various disagreements among scientists, many theory exists. According to this acambitera thiuri tumor nodule years ago, some of which have been since the creation of any plan (Plan) does not exist. Creator of all, because there have been and are being acambita. Asaleito plans to come to the Creator. This is another thing that has happened and is happening in acambita events where they are happy, when it was not happy the way. They have been consistently occur (In sequence). Acambita incident occurred when a man and animals that are still alive, before or after the incident could have been avoided if he does not, then there is no creature on earth, no animal would not have been possible to come into existence. So acambita has occurred and consistent way. Such events (Accident) the number of million-countless millions. Let’s see how it’s possible.

    We just do not have the same size disc with ten goals and write numbers on them from one to ten. Cakatigulo acambita events in the billions, they are only ten symbols and numbers continuity (Sequence) – which came to speak. This ten ten numbers pocket dhukalama disk shuffle. Now from his pocket and took out a disk. This disc may be that none of the numbers one to ten. Discus sailed out of the number 1 on the first try and the one likely to be included. (1: 10). We made it out of the pocket and a discus. Now, nearly one in two chance of being out of card numbers footed. That is, if we had a hundred times a ring from his pocket and came out the next round if the numbers are likely to come up with the number of disc-footed once in a hundred times. That is, (1: 10 x 10 = 100). In the same way the next round will be the third of the camels once medhye bar. That is, (1: 100 x 10 = 1000). If we get ten times the disk from the pocket of one to ten consecutive cereals is likely to be out of the way once in a thousand billion times (1: 10000000000).

    We are not millions, tens of countless acambita incident took symbol. These numbers are likely to therein. If the billions of creation can be seen in the possibility of an infinite number of consecutive acambita the once impossible. A second theory is impossible in the two possibilities is “designed to create the world was created” to accept the shadow is no third way.

    This can be estimated from the opposite direction. Due to a series of events took place billions acambita ones that we’ve arrived at the current position; Just as millions of acambita another incident could have happened in the span. The creation of a single incident in which the world would freak of London. But one thing has never happened. For example, if the ice melted in the north and south poles of the savings, according to scientists, the mountains, the entire world would be submerged under water. But what happened could happen.

    So, as the sum of (Mathematics Figure of chance) is the creator of the evidence. In this context, I go nastikabhai of that, the best way to manage the concept of God has created man himself.

    There is no way to deny that that is not the creator of the concept today. When people from a very early stage in the history of the people, however, were aware of a creator. Pratnatatbikara soil underneath the population have found that thousands of years ago, it can be seen everywhere, some kind of idea of the Creator. On different continents, in the world where there is no pre-historic settlement has been found of the mark. It was an unmistakable sensation of the Creator ones around the world. America and the world, cut off from the main land-sharing astreliyateo the pre-historical figure and a man were found sesabagulora. When no connection at all between the different communities, or had contacts, language and culture were all different, so the bread did not know existed, and it was then that everyone is aware of the fact that scientists do acambita event? Scattered populations in the world that not only was aware of the creator, the creator of the consensus on the virtues or Sifat. Creator of the mighty ones, ubiquitous, kind, etc., which may wish to do so. So, if the man is the creator of the concept of pre-historic period, people in different parts of the world for a poker unimaginable isolation and fear, they are all the same kind of way that was akasmat jujutara characteristic. That is the power of the jujuta, sabatra prevailing, all-knowing, is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful, etc. Let’s see how this unlikely event acambita.

    The existence of the Earth’s gravity, and gravity is now an established fact that since the creation of the world have also established fact. It stopped for a moment, from the beginning until today, the Earth would have become obsolete. But the overall power of the people heard this a few days ago. Why? So do not use his brain? Has indeed. Many people have already discovered some of Newton’s discovery of gravity. Classic monuments like the pyramids were built, but that energy is being spent every moment of his life, from under, and he paused a moment that the extrovert energy, space will be thrown out as a result of centrifugal force is the power of just a few years until he was completely ignorant.

    Not that (creator) of the pre-historic man took the time to imagine, just imagine what kind of details, but it took the edhara to believe, but what we have to odhara (gravity), it could not find people thousands of years ? The fact that the creator of his apostles from the beginning of its existence and the qualities of the man, how he has informed the man that knows about people, and about gravity before Newton because people did not know anyone. If God created man, he left the world would cease with the apostles do not report some information about yourself, but with no doubt that the people still did not know anything about her or her qualities and Sifat, although you would have to fully ajnai.

    Now the question is that we have found evidence of its existence, but we think he can do? But he says he does not, you can not do it. (Surah Al-Anam: 103). Because we created, our strength is limited. Limiting the power of ideas. Infinite Creator. Why God, this is a great idea to create a small amount, we can not. The creation of infinite Infinite Space and Time’s right, we were unable to bring the concept to the idea of an infinite God, we will be able to do?

  28. Niloy January 16, 013 at 1:36 pm – Reply – Link

    “Our belief is that if janmanai however, he does not need to prove himself appeared eye. If he is all-powerful, the Creator of the world, if he wants to see all the people will believe in him at the moment. “

    If so, the Prophet, the Prophet’s brother forever and there was no need to send?

    “If God created man, he left the world would cease with the apostles do not report some information about yourself, but with no doubt that the people still did not know anything about her or her qualities and Sifat, although you would have to fully ajnai.”

    What was required to inform himself of the man? If you want to create, the Creator of man who could give her brain with the necessary information, in which case it would not dispute the authenticity of Acts.
    “The populations scattered all over the world that were not only aware of the Creator, who was the creator attributes, or Sifat consensus.”

    I remember reading in one God of all religions in the world pradattasei only so much similarity between them. If so, who lie one religion to another religion is the religion of the book is referred to or opposed to each other? And so many religions in the world, the religion of the God-given right to do so or understand?

    “Now the question is that we have found evidence of its existence, but we think he can do? But he says he does not, you can not do it. (Surah Al-Anam: 103). Because we created, our strength is limited. Limiting the power of ideas. Infinite Creator. Why God, this is a great idea to create a small amount, we can not. The creation of infinite Infinite Space and Time’s right, we were unable to bring the concept to the idea of an infinite God, we will be able to do? “

    That is the idea of God by our limited knowledge, we can not trust him to do?

  29. Kaiser February 19, 013 at 1:49 am – Reply – Link

    Brother, I do not understand the etakisu .. I say brother ?? Just understand one thing, that we Bengalis, we all want to stay together for joy: D

    • Free conscience
      Twenty-free conscience September, 015 at 1:48 am – Reply – Link

      I’d stay up environment. If you had to share it all possible? So sapradayikata, prejudice must be eliminated. Must be up to date.

  30. Sea on September 8, at 013 224 pm – Reply – Link

    Please answer a few questions about Islam that I think will come
    1. Pharaoh’s body was found a few days ago or so, if it is true, is not it true Islam?
    II. Grandhe different religions Muhammad (peace be upon him) is mentioned, then it is possible? And his mother and father’s names are mentioned in the Vedas, Hinduism grandha Is it true?
    I really want to know, please tell the truth.

    • Free conscience
      Twenty-free conscience September, 015 at 1:41 am – Reply – Link

      Pharaoh hear about catching a nutshell, do not rot, “got pacanarodha temperature. So it could be under water, underground, even in the refrigerator. This pacanarodha human body temperature if it is not decomposed. The air temperature is 12 degrees, the body does not rot. Yata byana from the body forms when air is broken it will not rot. For example, when you lose sutika revive the patient byana air, his body did not rot wherever they may be.

      These factors, when the body does not rot. So as the person is better or worse, whatever.
      When people see the intact body of a man well say –
      “…… Nabiji said in praise of God’s chosen people will not rot in the body, does not melt, natural decomposition way will not work.”
      But we can see the worst human body is not damaged. Acharya is nothing if it is not a national or a miracle.

    • Free conscience
      Twenty-free conscience September, 015 at 1:59 am – Reply – Link

      The second question was,

      Grandhe different religions Muhammad (peace be upon him) is mentioned, then it is possible? And his mother and father’s names are mentioned in the Vedas, Hinduism grandha Is it true?

      Wrote a lot about freedom. Now
      You can see this post.

  31. Free conscience
    Twenty-free conscience September, 015 at 1:39 am – Reply – Link

    Comment … : Yahoo:: Yahoo:: Yahoo:
    Download PDF file of all that I have been given.
    : Rose:: Rose:

  32. Hamidullah Abu Ahmed Dec 6, 015 at 421 am – Reply – Link

    Written with the correct data will be helpful for the welfare of mankind.

  33. Namahina December 7, at 6:58 pm 015 – Reply – Link

    Abhijitdara “Love what is the” e-book compilation of adding up here is good.

  34. Aminur Rahman on December 18 th, at 5:41 pm 015 – Reply – Link

    Thank you for giving the opportunity to read e-books. It looks like a floating situation “really crossing my muktamana-II.

    Avijit Roy, do not accept having trouble …

  35. rasa March 17, 016 at 10:54 pm – Reply – Link

    : Good:

  36. Johnny July 9, 1240 at 016 pm – Reply – Link

    Jayantanuja Banerjee – social science and bhagabadagita
    Epic and fundamentalism book in PDF caianeka two days looking around.


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